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Letters from an intern part 2

Man, oh, man, it’s been quite busy at the Headmade office. After Cucalu being featured on WIRED, I felt like shooting a blockbuster movie in Hollywood with a handy-cam (Daniel’s words, my feelings).

I was kind of paralyzed by all those blogs, tweets, articles, questions and downloads happening simultaneously. It made me slack my daily responsibilities big time: I didn’t know what task on my Wunderlist to pick next and kept on scrolling through the shares and likes, while tracing our downloads and position in the App Store top charts at the same time. It was a pretty useless, but very time-consuming addiction.

Although those days were super chaotic, it was also tremendously rewarding, seeing circles flying in from Japan and Brasil, to Croatia. Right after our launch, I started collecting the stories behind the photos.

Every circle brings its own: a couple sharing the birth of their firstborn with us or a girl from NYC who beats her daily routine by finishing one mission per supermarket trip. It’s pretty awesome to realize that people can still appreciate a good-looking shape (and capture it), even during special moments in their lives!

Of course good things aren’t always easy. While collecting, I bumped into some roadblocks. I am not the best copywriter in the world (yet), especially not in English, since I’m not a native. Plus: I’m a bit chaotic, and when you start a new daily format it is kind of (very) important to not do it differently every day… Oops.

So what did I learn?

1. Barbara keeps giving me this one piece of advice that is much harder to apply than it sounds: write the photo-stories as if someone really talks to you and highlight mundane, often overlooked details. So not: “While lying in bed I was looking for circles” but more pro-active: “I set out for my first circle, without the intention of leaving my bed.. ” Start with the most important thing first. (Note to you all: shapehunting is always the most important thing to kick-off any sentence).

2. Every cool task has a dull side and you’re better off with an efficient routine than trying to entertain yourself by changing it every day.

3. There are fewer things in life rectangular than circular.

My challenge for the next weeks is: how to make sure everybody knows about those worthy photo-stories? First thing I’m going to do is get Edgerank to like me, but if you have any other suggestions –> holla at . Also reach out if you want to share your circular, triangular or square story with us!

(This blog post was written at our temporary office in Trouw, from this week onwards you can shapehunt with us at Rockstart Spaces.)