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Play Cucalu at Dutch Design Week

From time to time, we can be like robots. When we’re commuting our way home, brushing our teeth or locking the front door. Simple, tiny habits that collectively shape very useful routines. Some habits, though, have downsides. What do you still see, when you’re simultaneously texting and cycling?

Our self-proclaimed very bad habit was the excessive use of our smartphones. Before hitting the shower in the morning, we would have scrutinised our multiple inboxes. Or when entering a restaurant, asking for the wifi-password seemed like the perfect start of a meal. Obviously, we wanted to get rid of these bad habits.What we didn’t totally wanted to omit from our lives, though, was our phone itself. That’s why we created Cucalu. A game on your phone that can only be played when looking up from that phone.

This October, we’ll be heading to the South of the Netherlands. To Eindhoven, to be precise. Annually, the whole design community congregates here for Dutch Design Week to sneak a peek into the future of design, art and technology.

From the 18th until the 26th of October, we open up shop in Eindhoven. Here, you can see what players from all across the globe capture through Cucalu. Follow Bright’s Design Meets Technology route and experience the best bits of the week’s impressive line-up at 78 locations, featuring 2200 designers and hosting 400 events. On the picture above, our Prime Minister’s revealing the analogue way, to play Cucalu.

We’re looking forward to welcome any of you, looking up* from your beloved smartphone. Let us know at when you’re planning a visit. That way we can a) make sure we have time to talk, and b) send you some additional design-tips.

*UP is also this year’s theme of Dutch Design Week.


Dutch Design Week covers the complete city of Eindhoven, so wear comfortable shoes or fetch yourself a bike. The Klokgebouw (the designated location for Cucalu) opens at 11AM and closes at 6PM. Find the complete programme via this link.