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Yuki x Headmade


It takes three to tango. That’s what we realize after two weeks of having Yuki as intern at Headmade. Yuki is short for Yuki Kho. Born one-fourth Chinese, raised in Amsterdam and just back from an exchange in San Francisco, you can tell she’s comfortable at the crossroads of creativity, strategic thinking and do-it-yourself.

We met Yuki when she was co-founding a creative platform for a Dutch broadcasting company, in 2010. She followed up with studies in Political Science and Photojournalism. That last one really got her into her Olympus XA2 and Canon AF-35M. Now she’s about to start at the Photography department of the Royal Academy of Arts. (Yes, where Daniel learned his bit, too.)

But these days, she is supporting Headmade with the launch of Cucalu: fuelling social media channels by creating content, fishing for partnerships and shooting squares from the hip. Unless she’s playing square herself, as pictured above.

Glued to her camera(s), Yuki sometimes takes over a 100 photos a day. Only a handful make it to her website. She prefers the challenge of one shot, though. “Just as Cucalu gets you creative, through imposing limitations, so does analogue photography”, she says.

It’s surprising how seamlessly she blends in with the team. And partnering with her forces us to be more specific about the why’s of our ideas and processes. Yuki will update regularly on what she can teach you about us. (But so will we.) Stay tuned.