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Yuki’s first 6 take-aways


My first week interning at Headmade kicked off with a deepdive into working life:  the launch of Cucalu, our interactive art app that invites you to stretch your creativity by taking photos. Luckily, I was familiar with Cucalu, since I’ve been part of the beta-testers when in San Francisco.

The launch gave me the opportunity to immediately learn a lot. Here’s a list of the 6 things I took away this week:

1. Barbara and Daniel only need three words to communicate with each other. Although those three
words aren’t always the same.

2. Believe in what you stand for, I realize this might come across as supercliché, but in the case of Cucalu it’s just so true. Cucalu isn’t easy to understand, it’s an app, but it’s not an app. It’s a game, but it’s not just a game. It’s an artwork, but the art is not already in there. Barbara and Daniel really taught me how to stick to the complex description of Cucalu. We never oversimplified the project to gain more attention or to make it easier for journalists to fit it into a publication, we stand for what we believe in.

3. Good copy requires good thinking.

4. Do not mention words similar to “presskit” or “promocode” in emails to press. I made that mistake the first day and it left me with zero response.  The more personal, the better. We approached each and every journalist with a story of our personal experience with Cucalu, including our own photos. Personal enthusiasm is lots more convincing than showing facts and figures.

5. Create your own frame and story. Daniel thought of a story* that’d really fit the summer holidays. Because for people who spend the holidays at home, Cucalu shows them their daily environment in a new and refreshing way.

6. Cloning and adjustment layers are my new best friends in Photoshop, thanks to Daniël.

*This story is completely true, but not particularly the main message of Cucalu.